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How to Choose the Perfect Necklace for Your Outfit

Confidence can skyrocket or be broken by choices made in the closet. Consulting a professional makes all the difference! I’ve been a jewelry designer for 20 amazing years. I developed this system to help my clients get dressed with confidence. No more agonizing over what to wear with what. This guide will show you how to reap the benefits of my experience. Jewelry is worn either on the skin or over clothing.

Follow these four easy steps to pair your outfit with the perfect necklace:

  1. determine your neckline
  2. choose the necklace style most appropriate
  3. coordinate colors
  4. watch for clutter

Determine your neckline

When choosing your outfit, take note of the neckline of your top. This will determine whether you will choose a necklace that rests on the skin or one that lays over your clothing.

Choose the appropriate necklace style for your neckline

For turtleneck, crew, and round styles choose a longer over-clothing necklace like a pendant on a chain or a beaded necklace. These neckline styles have no drama of their own. This makes them great backdrops for bust-length or longer necklaces — particularly the more dramatic pieces. Solid color tops in these styles will allow bold, chunky jewelry to shine!

Boatneck, halter, off-the-shoulder, or drop-shoulder styles have their own drama in the neckline, so I recommend not wearing a necklace at all. Instead, choose jewelry that does not distract from the neckline, such as a pair of longer earrings. Can’t wear earrings? A longer necklace that falls past the bustline will draw the eye downward instead of competing with the neckline. Think subtle and elegant so as not to steal the show.

V-neck, oval, round, square, or sweetheart necklines give you a “window” to fill with jewelry. Choose necklaces that fall mid-chest above the bust and lay directly on your skin. The goal is to fill the open space without the jewelry meeting or spilling over the neckline. Think of these neckline styles as a picture frame. The necklace can be dramatic or subtle, according to your personal taste. Layering several necklaces with these neckline styles can be an exciting casual or nighttime look.

When dealing with ruffles, the neckline is still the most important thing to look for. High neck ruffles are extremely busy, so it’s best to avoid competing with them. Choose simple earrings for large ruffles that are close to the neck. A v-neck with ruffles will usually be fine when treated like any other v-neck. The visual weight of the necklace can equal the ruffle as long as it’s not too busy in color or pattern. Matching the necklace to the primary color in the top can be the most effective approach. No jewelry should ever cross a ruffle.

Choose your colors

Now that you know the style of necklace most appropriate for your neckline, it’s time to choose your colors. Tops with patterns are busy. A solid color necklace will help tie the top in with other solid color accents like a jacket or pants. When dealing with solid color tops, complementary colors in jewelry are always a great choice. A complementary color is an opposite color on the color wheel. Solid color tops are also an opportunity to wear multicolored jewelry.

Watch for clutter

Many jewelry designers sell sets in which both the necklace and the earrings are of equal visual weight. Wearing them together can provide too much drama. Consider treating them as individual components rather than a set. Breaking them up can decrease the cost-per-wear since the individual pieces may be worn more often.

Save the bigger earrings from the set for the more dramatic necklines and pair the necklace with smaller earrings for work. For more punch when wearing only earrings, adding a bracelet can help round things out.

Tying it All Together

Accessorizing with jewelry is now easier with these simple rules: use the neckline as a guide, choose the appropriate necklace type for the style of the neckline, add in colors, and watch for clutter.

Practice makes perfect. Follow these easy tips and stop agonizing when getting dressed in the morning. Looking pulled-together is easier than ever!

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